Code improvement tools, powered by AI.

Generate unit tests, refactor code and create documentation for C#, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, R Lang, Ruby, and Swift. Simply paste a block of code, choose your language, then hit "Generate" to witness magic.

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Generate unit tests

Turn source code into unit tests for your framework of choice.

Refactor code

Optimize your code to use better, more modern practices.

Add documentation

Add inline documentation to your code to make it easier to understand.

Detect bugs

Check your code for bugs and suggest fixes.

Explain code

Explain the purpose of your code to make it easier to understand.

Convert code

Convert your code from one language to another.

Seperate hardcoded literals

Move any hardcoded strings or numbers in your code into variables.

Style check

Check your code for style issues and suggest fixes.

Start building great software with less effort.

Use the power of AI to automate the tedious parts of software development like testing, documentation and refactoring, so you can focus on what matters.

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You are a legend, I hate making unit tests they are time-consuming, nice ChatGPT implementation. You have my upvote !

@jc_prattdelzenne · ProductHunt

Great product! I really liked the way it generated jest tests.

@n_regis · ProductHunt

Congratulations on launching this amazing product! It is truly a game changer for those of us in the software development industry.

@samalyx · ProductHunt

Very impressive product, unit testing can being tedious so i'll be sure to save this for later.

@joshua_molinare · ProductHunt

Nice work! just tried it and the tests are on point

@parkerituk · ProductHunt

Awesome. I love this!

@ashm10 · ProductHunt

Congratulations on the launch of Refraction! We're excited to see how AI-generated unit tests can revolutionize coding.

@usamaejaz · ProductHunt

Congrats on the launch!

@richard_gao2 · ProductHunt

Grats on launch, good application!

@tohxuezun · ProductHunt